Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The ideal self

Running across an empty track,
during an afternoon when i was ten,
i had this figure of my ideal self
conquering the seventh heaven. 
A marksman of unknown territories
the protagonist of splendid stories
refracting incoming rays into 
infinite sparkles and opportunities
for them to collect and 
spread across my motherland.
A launchpad of progress,
an inflection point nevertheless,
whose time history will address
and write poetry with finesse. 
I am faster now, I drive
overtaking the crowd
in overdrive 
but can't hear myself aloud;
can't find the one 
with whom I used to run.
An endeavor of restlessness
ate up by the pleasantness
and the constant 
returns to the society's niceness.
Silence silence silence
hold your allegations
answer your own questions
before crossing over my fence
Lit your torches and
journey inwards with patience
Talk to that child first
before reading the next sentence. 
Sparks die if preserved
path to freedom is curved
so don't be reserved 
to the straight horse you served. 
Be a rabbit and 
nibble on the unique berries
chase the past, the dream,
the future of meaningful glories.
Need to fight against
the hesitation, my friend
Sense the action commenced
and determination dispensed.
Head down, back bent. 
jump with force 
and leave a dent.
Take my hand and set forth
if every word I meant
reassures your ideal self
that you'll never repent.


  1. Wow! Lovely, I can relate to so many beautiful feelings of school time & my childhood days :) You gave a dynamic turn to everything worth taking in life... "Sparks die if preserved path to freedom is curved so don't be reserved to the straight horse you served. " I loved these lines, no I loved every line :D This is just amazing :) I wish I had such sense of rhythm in my poems... :) You are a very expressive & vivacious one :) Take care !

    1. Wow, that made my day. Hearing these kind words of appreciation from the one I admire. A fan!