Friday, 13 February 2015

A day for love

Standing under a calm shade, I cornered an eye
At a thinking and innocent girl just passing by.

Moving silent and slow, she seemed to reveal
the pain of lost love, with a charming appeal.

"It's innocent and warm", as if she tried to say
"Should I be sorry or thankful, for not choosing to stay."

I tried to read more words from her silence.
Gravitated, I stole permission from my conscience
To follow her parallel,without a license.

Soon I could feel few signs of despair.
As they do leave marks, these foolish love affairs.
Anyways I calmed my racing heart
and broke the ice while crossing her path.

"Hey" is all I could utter after the essay inside.
Only to make her eyes grow sweet and sour in surprise.

"Yes?", she replied with lovely act of evasion.
To which I graciously offered "I am Shakespeare and you are an inspiration"
"What?" She obviated, to which I offered continuation -

"This morning is fine, your eyes are divine, so how about a cup of coffee at the hour of nine?"

She stood shell shocked as if she went offline.
But then crashed laughing, blossoming in sunshine.

"Gosh, Romeo you are funny and so you are your lines"
"But alas, this Juliet is already booked for this Valentine".
Broke, dejected, murdered by those words soaked with kind intent,

is not me. I ran back towards that calm shade to have another attempt !! :-)

Happy Valentine’s Day !!


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